Vegan Baked Donuts

vegan baked donuts

Yesterday I scored a donut pan at Value Village. Now I have the perfect excuse to make Vegan Baked Donuts.  Let’s get to it! Vegan Baked Donuts are healthy? I pose this as a question because baked rather than fried is healthy right? I guess you can attempt to fool yourself and call these donuts a healthier […]

3 ingredient Vegan Pudding

vegan pudding

Anything you can do I can do vegan. Seriously, if it’s originally made with dairy, eggs or meat, then you make it without. Take this 3 ingredient vegan pudding for example. It is so easy to make and I think tastes even better then dairy made pudding. It’s smooth, silky, creamy, and so addictive. I’ll have […]

Oil Free Hummus

oil free hummus

If you have hummus on your grocery list, cross it off right now. Hummus is so, so, so easy to make. In fact, it’s so easy that I would label this a beginner recipe. Oil free hummus is guaranteed to satisfy your snack time cravings. It yields more than the store brand, it’s made without preservatives, costs less than […]

Vegan Protein Pancakes

vegan protein pancakes

Gosh, I love a good pancake. Soft, fluffy, warm, sweet and full of empty calories. Typically I save pancakes for a special occasion like Sunday brunch or Wednesday night. However, today was different. Upon my daughter’s request, I was whipping up an order of pancakes for her lunch when I had a lightbulb moment. What if […]

Creamy Vegan Coleslaw

vegan coleslaw

I promise you that this will be the easiest vegan coleslaw you will ever make. It’s creamy, full of fresh veggies, colored like a rainbow and oh so delicious.  Vegan Coleslaw Customized Tradition, modern or whatever is in the crisper, you choose what veggies you want to put in your vegan coleslaw. However, the one must is […]