Creamy Vegan Coleslaw

vegan coleslaw

I promise you that this will be the easiest vegan coleslaw you will ever make. It’s creamy, full of fresh veggies, colored like a rainbow and oh so delicious. 

Vegan Coleslaw Customized

Tradition, modern or whatever is in the crisper, you choose what veggies you want to put in your vegan coleslaw. However, the one must is cabbage. Personally, I love the look of red cabbage. Not only does it look good, but red cabbage is super packed with vitamin C. 95% per 100 grams to be exact. 

I went with the whatever is in the crisper version of vegan coleslaw.

Red Cabbage



Granny Smith Apple

Red Onion



vegan coleslaw

Creamy Dressing

One word, Vegenaise.

You can be a super vegan in the kitchen and make your own version of vegan mayonnaise or you can save time and buy Vegenaise. Follow your Heart Veganaise is by far my favorite brand and it’s conveniently found in most major grocery stores. How much you add depends on how many veggies your slaw has and how creamy you want your vegan coleslaw to be. I added 2 tablespoons. 

Now you can stop right there and call it a day or you can flavor up your vegan coleslaw. I add dashes of different spices depending on my flavor cravings de jour. My favorite spices to add are celery seed and ground coriander. I always add salt and pepper to finish it off. 

vegan coleslaw

Easy like a Sunday Morning

Vegan coleslaw makes for an excellent alternative to a side salad. It’s simple to prepare, simple to serve and simply delicious to eat. Try this coleslaw beside my mushroom burger.

~Peace & Love your Plants, VeggieVannie

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