Kid approved Vegan Pasta Sauce

vegan pasta sauce

Let me paint a picture that I know all of us parents have been in. You’re on a play date and little Jonny is happily eating baby carrots and a cucumber. Your little Sally, on the other hand, is begging for another Oreo. If you say your kid is not a picky eater you are either a liar or in denial. Personally, I have two picky eaters at home. The struggle is real. However, what makes it easier is this kid-approved vegan pasta sauce. It’s jammed with healthy fats and plenty of vitamin-packed veggies to keep your child nourished. Because really, isn’t that all we want as parents? A healthy, well-nourished, better version of ourselves.  

vegan pasta sauce

It Starts with the Sauce

Who am I to judge if you, a busy mom or dad, decides to use store-bought pasta sauce. Last spring I planted 5 tomato plants. Obviously, this resulted in an abundance of tomatoes. What was a girl with 5,000 tomatoes to do? Learn to can of course, and can I did. By the end of the tomato growing season, I managed to can 75 jars of homemade tomato sauce. I outsourced the garlic, onion, carrots, basil, and peppers from my local farmers market and used fresh tomatoes right from my backyard.

Like I said, I don’t judge if you want to use tomato sauce from the store, but my only request is that you read the label. There is a lot of hidden sugar in the big brand names of tomato sauce. If you can buy organic and be sure to find a sauce where the only ingredients are the ones you can pronounce.

Vegan Pasta Sauce must have

Rose sauce was my favorite type of pasta sauce. I just loved how the addition of the heavy cream took the sauce to a whole other location in my flavor zone. Cashews are the secret ingredient to getting that desired cream flavor without the animal byproduct. By adding cashews to your pasta sauce you have added in a world of nutrition. In just 100 grams of cashews, you get 67% of your daily fat content along with 18 grams of protein. This is just what a growing child needs. Combined with the minerals and vitamins found in your plant packed pasta sauce, this is one super healthy meal. The best part is that this vegan pasta sauce is so delicious your child will have no idea just how good for them it is. 

Raw & Soak

When it comes to adding cashews to your vegan pasta sauce two things are very important. First, they must be raw cashews, not roasted, not salted; raw. Second, they have to be soaked. Whenever I soak cashews I do it the quickest way I know how. Rather than soaking overnight I will boil hot water and pour it over the raw cashews and soak for an hour. When the water seems to cool down I simple drain and replace with another round of boiling water. By doing this the cashews will easily blend into your sauce.vegan pasta sauce

Soaking the cashews takes the longest, but when its done this vegan pasta sauce is ready as soon as the pasta cooks. Simply add the sauce and the cashews to a high powered blender and blend. Scrap down the sides as needed and you will see you sauce transform into a lovely shade of rose. 

Plate and serve

Depending on how your little monster likes their sauce you can either heat up the sauce and then pour on top of the pasta or mix the sauce and the pasta together. In my case, I mix it together, warm on the stove, top with vegan parmesan and done. 

vegan pasta sauce

This sauce was literally the bridge that helped my children cross over to a more plant-based way of eating. It’s on our dinner table weekly and the whole family can enjoy it. I hope you find this vegan pasta sauce is just what your picky eater has been waiting for. Enjoy!

~Peace & Love your Plants, VeggieVannie

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Kid Approved Vegan Pasta Sauce
Prep Time
1 hr
Cook Time
15 mins
Total Time
1 hr 15 mins

Quick and simple to make. Just like a creamy rose sauce without the animal. 

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Vegan
Author: vszabo
  • 1/2 Cup Raw Cashews Soaked
  • 2 Cups Fresh Tomato Sauce *See notes
  1. Begin by soaking the cashews in hot water for a minimum of 1 hour. If the water beings to drain cashews and add more hot water.

  2. After cashews have been soaked add to high powered blender along with tomato sauce, scraping down the sides as needed. Blend until the cashews are no longer visible pieces. The sauce should be a rose color. 

  3. Reheat the sauce as needed, or combine with cooked pasta and reheat until the desired temperature is reached. 

  4. Optional: Top with fresh parsley and vegan parmesan.  

Recipe Notes

*Using a store bought tomato or pasta sauce is fine. However, be sure to read the label. Choose a sauce that is low in sugar, better yet no added sugar at all, ingredients you can read such as tomatoes, water, salt...and organic if possible. 

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